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Single Relay large power insert switch module(RU)Single Relay large power insert switch module(RU)

TZ78RU Plus Single Relay large power insert switch module(RU)

Price: US $ 35 / Piece

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Adopt Z-wave 500 series chip,support higher data rate(9.6/40/100kbps)


Max load:Resistive load 3000W for 230VAC,1500W for 110VAC

Operation range:up to 130 feet line of sight


The TKBHOME Z-Wave Embedded Switch Control module is a transceiver which is a Z-Wave enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. Mini size design let the module can easily put into the wall box and still have enough space to install the traditional wall switch and easily hide itself into the wall box and that will be good for the house decoration . With this micro module an existing installation can be turned into a Z-Wave enabled smart system keeping the original switches in place. This is particularly useful if you are using switches of a particular pattern and don't what to change them.

Compared with TZ71, TZ76 module
1. it is much smaller size, 42.8*35.8*18.4mm 
2. without association function, easier wiring
3. all three module are single relay type, the TZ78 is 3000W

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