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Z-WAVE to AC IR ExtenderZ-WAVE to AC IR Extender

ZXT120 Plus Z-WAVE to AC IR Extender

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The ZXT-120 is a Z-Wave to air-conditioner (AC) IR Extender (Figure
1) and it works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or portable controller by translating Z-Wave’s Thermostat commands to AC IR control code. User can set the IR code from the built-in code library of ZXT-120 through the configuration commands, or use the learning function of ZXT-120 through the UI on gateway. ZXT-120 also builtin a temperature sensor that allow to report your room temperature to home gateway. It can be utilized to control or monitor your room temperature by your smart phone or PC while you are at office, home anywhere or around the world.


Built-in IR code library
The built-in IR code library enables the ZXT-120 to work with any ZWave compliant gateway and controller. Gateway and controller will not need to have any knowledge related to IR control code. It also eliminates the needs of complicated set up procedures and proprietary Z-Wave commands to configure the system. The IR code library supports various brand name air conditioners found in the today’s market. User can use his controller or gateway to send a 3 digits AC IR code number (include the brand selection) using standard Z-Wave configuration command.

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